A partial key pre-distribution based en-route filtering scheme for wireless sensor networks


Compromised sensor nodes can be used to inject false reports (bogus reports) in wireless ssensor networks (WSNs). This can cause the sink to take wrong decisions. En-route filtering is a method to detect and filter false reports from WSNs. Most of the existing en-route filtering schemes use probabilistic approaches to filter false reports from the network, where filtering of false reports is based on a fixed probability. Thus false reports can travel multiple hops before being dropped. In this article we seek to overcome limitations of the existing schemes and reduce the overall key storage overhead in the cluster heads. In this article we propose a combinatorial design based partial en-route filtering scheme (CD-PEFS) which filters the fabricated reports deterministically. CD-PEFS reduces the energy requirements in the network by early detection and elimination of the false reports. Adoption of combinatorial design based keys get rid of shared key discovery phase from the network. This considerably reduces the communication overhead in the network. We carried out a detailed analysis of CD-PEFS against an increasing number of compromised sensor nodes in the network. We found that our scheme performs better than existing schemes in terms of filtering efficiency while maintaining low key storage overhead in the network. Further the performance of CD-PEFS is at par with existing schemes in terms of other protocol overheads.

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  • Combinatorial design
  • En-route filtering
  • Data authentication
  • Wireless sensor networks (WSNs)