Software architecture of the internet of things (IoT) for smart city, healthcare and agriculture: analysis and improvement directions


Internet of things (IoT) enables organizations to automate the process and improves service delivery through Internet technology and transferring the data at the cloud level. IoT does not allow the use of a universal software architecture for different fields in which it is used, but needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of users. This paper presents an analysis of currently available types of software architectures of the IoT systems in the field of smart cities, healthcare, and agriculture. It provides a proposal for solutions and improvements of different software architecture types, interactions between identified software architecture elements that will provide better performance and simplicity. The novelty of the study is the analysis of different types of IoT software architecture such as: layered, service-oriented and cloud-based software architecture application in these areas of IoT. Based on the analysis, the study proposed the type of software architecture of the IoT system for the relevant area of application (smart city, healthcare, and agriculture). Specific points of research are: analysis of different types of software architecture applied in IoT systems, identification of functionalities available in IoT systems through different types of software architecture, the proposal for enhancement of the above functionalities, and proposal of software architecture that is most relevant to the IoT system of a particular area.

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