Table 5 BET surface area of the biochar and ashes. (Single measurements, nd = not determined)

From: Evaluation of Biochar Post‐Process Treatments to Produce Soil Enhancers and Phosphorus Fertilizers at a Single Plant

Sample Surface area (m2/g) Sample Surface area (m2/g)
Sewage sludge:   Poultry manure:  
Biochar 52.8 Biochar 12.4
Oxidation ash 16.8 Oxidation ash 5.0
Gasification ash 24.4 Gasification ash 6.7
Biogas fiber:   Woodchips:  
Biochar 74.3 Biochar 333.8
Oxidation ash 13.9 Oxidation ash 5.9
Gasification ash 192.5 Gasification ash nd
Cattle manure:   Wheat straw:  
Biochar 50.7 Biochar 52.5
Oxidation ash 8.7 Oxidation ash 6.4
Gasification ash 20.7 Gasification ash 208.2