Evaluation of the Synergistic Effects from Multi-Solvents in the Transfer of Sm(III) Ions into the Supported Liquid Membrane


The supported liquid membrane in comparison with the solvent extraction helps in the facilitation for transferring Sm(III) ions from an aqueous feed to the stripping solution. The synergistic effect in the increase of the permeability coefficient was investigated with a mixture of extractants. The synergism of D2EHPA with Cynex272 or Cyanex301 extractants increases the permeability coefficient to 23.08 × 10–6 m/s and 20.38 × 10–6 m/s, respectively. The carrier with only D2EHPA could reach the permeability coefficient of 7.75 × 10–6 m/s. The kinetic modeling based on the resistance of phases showed that there is a good agreement between the experimental data and the modeling data.

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  • Sm(III) ions
  • Synergistic effect
  • Aqueous and organic resistance
  • Supported liquid membrane
  • Permeability coefficient