Data background levels of the metre and decimetre wavelength observations by E-CALLISTO network: the Gauribidanur and Greenland sites


The instability of the Sun’s magnetic field can ignite many eruptive events on the solar surface, including flares, coronal mass ejections, and prominence eruptions. The inner heliosphere environment is affected, and consequently, these events are said to contribute to the celestial weather change. As one of the many eruptive events, a solar flare is of the most frequent due to the magnetic reconnection process in which the accelerated electrons from the reconnection sites escape into the interplanetary space and cause solar radio bursts type III (SRBT III). When it is observed near the Earth, this SRBT III is in the form of radio dynamics spectrum; thus, monitoring this spectrum is vital to the further analysis of the said SRBT III. In this paper, we investigate the background levels: short and long periods of the CALLISTO instruments from two different stations where for each site, a 10-day background-level observation is randomly selected. For the purpose of this study, the mean differences and coefficient of variation (CV) distributions for every frequency channel are determined where most of the frequency channels have displayed small mean differences between these two background levels: short and long periods and the CV distributions as well. These short-period observations, within 15 min of the background levels, are found significant enough to warrant further analysis of the solar radio bursts detected by the CALLISTO instruments.

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The authors would like to thank Institute for Data Science FHNW Brugg/Windisch, Switzerland, for availability of e-CALLISTO data. This work was partially supported by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and FRGS grant 600-IRMI/FRGS 5/3 (309/2019).

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