Incorporation of polyvinyl alcohol into ZrO2 to modulate the hysteresis-type current–voltage characteristics of Au/ZrO2/heavily doped p-type Si devices


This study determines the effect of incorporating polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) into ZrO2 (PVA:ZrO2) on the hysteresis-type current–voltage characteristics of Au/ZrO2/heavily doped p-type Si (p+-Si) devices. In order to determine the correlation between morphology and performance, the Au/ZrO2/p+-Si and Au/PVA:ZrO2/p+-Si devices are fabricated and their current–voltage characteristics are determined. These devices exhibit hysteresis. Incorporating PVA into ZrO2 induces a strong steric effect, which results in the elimination of crystallographic defects in the ZrO2 films and an improvement in the hysteresis characteristics for Au/PVA:ZrO2/p+-Si devices. Incorporating PVA into ZrO2 modulates hysteresis in Au/ZrO2/p+-Si devices.

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The authors acknowledge the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (Contract Nos. 106-2112-M-018-001-MY3, 103-2112-M-018-003-MY3 and 100-2112-M-018-003-MY3) in the form of grants.

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