Design and Modelling for LCL Filter for Measurement of THD Reduction in Different Modular Multilevel Converters


Modular multilevel converters (M2Cs) have become an interesting and attractive topology for DC/AC conversions and vice versa. This converter is an efficient power electronic converter for adjustable speed drives, high-voltage direct current transmission, renewable energy systems and large power supplies. For drive applications, a theoretical background is presented. This paper presents the comparative analysis of M2Cs based upon measurement of the total harmonic distortion under 5-level, 7-level, 9-level and 11-level M2C. The mathematical modelling and designing of an inductor–capacitor–inductor filter is proposed at the output for the harmonic reduction. The objective of the proposed overall system is to ensure that the voltage harmonic distortion at the point of common coupling is less than 5%.

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Current source converters;


Voltage source converters;


Neutral point clamped;


Flying capacitor;


Cascaded h-bridge;


Modular multilevel converter;


High-voltage direct current;


High-voltage alternating current;


Total harmonic distortion;


Specific harmonic elimination;


Harmonic elimination pulse width modulation;




Point of common coupling

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  • Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs)
  • High-voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission
  • Inductor–Capacitor–Inductor (LCL) filter
  • Modular Multilevel Converters (M2Cs)
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)