Technical Evaluation and Optimization of Phasor Measurement Unit Using CSIR-NPL PMU Calibrator System to Ensure Reliability


The technological enhancements and new startups in India have led to a tremendous increase in the power demand. The grids are being made smart, more efficient and reliable to meet not only the growing energy demands but also to prevent blackouts. The synchrophasor technology is evolving, explored and used by the power sectors for real-time measurements with phasor measurement unit (PMU) as the main elemental device. Industries developing PMUs must ensure that it should comply the IEEE C37.118.1-2011 and C37.118.1a-2014 synchrophasor standards, as the corrective action taken by power grid in real-time environment will depend on the PMU data. The optimization of PMU ensures that the measurement results are as per the IEEE synchrophasor standards leading to improvement in its performance. Here, we had evaluated the performance of an industrial PMU using CSIR-NPL PMU calibration system. The evaluation was done under static and dynamic conditions. This analysis represents the capability of PMU testing and calibration at CSIR-NPL and also ensures that the PMU that will be used in real time on the fields reports precise data. PMU-Cal facility can handle all the steady-state and dynamic-state tests for both M class and P class configured PMU at all desired frame rates. This system is traceable to its respective primary standards and is functional to cater the needs of power sector in terms of PMU calibration and testing.

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The authors would like to thank Dr. D. K. Aswal, Director CSIR-NPL for his guidance and kind permission to present this work. The authors would also like to thank Mr. Inder Mohan Sood (VCL) and Mr. Amreek Singh for their valuable contributions, technical discussions and all kinds of logistic support.

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  • Calibration
  • PMU
  • Smart grid
  • Synchrophasor
  • Traceability