First record of Mothocya renardi and Mothocya collettei (Isopoda: Cymothoidae) from northern part of East Coast of India and new host record of Mothocya collettei


The present record of different developmental stages of the parasite Mothocya renardi (Bleeker, 1857) and gravid female of Mothocya collettei Bruce, 1986 from different individuals of same host Strongylura leiura (Bleeker, 1850) collected from Bay of Bengal, Gopalpur-on-Sea, Odisha, India are the first record of these parasites from the northern part of east coast of India. The record of Mothocya collettei from the host Strongylura leiura is the first host record for this parasite.

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Authors are thankful to authority of Berhampur University, Odisha and Director, Zoological Survey of India for providing necessary facilities to work.

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Mohapatra, S.K., Mohanty, S.R., Behera, R.K. et al. First record of Mothocya renardi and Mothocya collettei (Isopoda: Cymothoidae) from northern part of East Coast of India and new host record of Mothocya collettei. J Parasit Dis (2021).

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