Analytical and Compact Modeling Analysis of a SiGe Hetero-Material Vertical L-Shaped TFET


This paper deals with the development of a novel 2-D analytical modeling of heterojunction vertical L-shaped tunnel FET for characterisation of surface potential and drain current. The compact analysis includes the properties of dual modulation effect with the numerous efforts to predict the characteristics of current and to discuss the method of device improvement. The dual modulation effect is used to regulate the biasing voltage at both the junction of source and drain of surface potential to determine the tunneling width. A 2-D Poisson equation is solved for the proposed model by using parabolic approximation method with constant electric field which are used to determine the effect of SiGe mole-fraction, gate-drain biasing potential, dielectric constant of gate oxide, drain doping concentration, metal gate work-function and different binary compound material on the device surface potential. Most importantly, a new channel surface potential expression is derived that can forecast the effect of drain and gate biasing. The derived model results are compared with those of simulated results in order to evaluate the validity of electrical parameter model.

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We thank the VLSI design group of NIT Jalandhar for their interest in this work and useful comments to draft the final form of the paper. The support of DST-SERB Project (ECR/2017/000922) is gratefully acknowledged. We would like to thank NIT Jalandhar for lab facilities and research environment to carry out this work.

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Balwinder Raj: Supervision and Reviewing.

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Correspondence to Shailendra Singh.

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  • Vertical L-shape Tunnel FET (V-L-TFET)
  • Band-2-Band tunneling (B2BT)
  • 2D analytical modeling
  • Surface potential
  • Parabolic approximation
  • Poisson equation
  • Subthreshold Slope (SS)