Fabrication and Microstructure of Micro and Nano Silicon Carbide Reinforced Copper Metal Matrix Composites/Nanocomposites


This study investigates the influence of micro and nano silicon carbide on properties of copper matrix composites/nanocomposites containing up to 4 wt% of reinforcement concentration. It was observed that an increase of SiC (both micro and nano sized) content resulted in a higher hardness, compressive strength and better wear properties. However, nano SiC reinforced composite materials have better hardness, compressive strength and wear properties as compared with micro sized SiC reinforced composites. Grain refinement of composite/nanocomposite materials as compared with pure copper materials were observed from the metallurgical microscopic images. Further, scanning electron microscopic images revealed uniform dispersion/distribution of reinforcing materials in the copper matrix, and good bond formation between component materials. As the micro/nano sized SiC reinforcement in the copper matrix decreased the density of resultant composite/nanocomposite materials, therefore, nano sized SiC reinforcement will be helpful to fabricate light weight copper matrix nanocomposite materials for various industrial applications.

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