Investigation of Recessed Junctionless Double Gate MOSFET for Radio Frequency Applications


Junctionless Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (JL MOSFET) is one of the promising candidate to replace the junction based MOSFET for upcoming technology nodes. Semiconductor industries are continuously urging for large ON current with the low OFF current and low specific on resistance. However, high ON current is achieved in Conventional (Conv.) JL DG MOSFET by using high doping concentration at the cost of high OFF current which leads depletion mode operation. Moreover, low doping, narrow channel thickness and high work function gate materials are using to operate Conv. JL DG MOSFET in enhancement mode (Vth > 0 V for N-JL DG MOSFET, Vth < 0 V for P-JL DG MOSFET) but ON current is reduced in all above mentioned solutions. To overcome the above mentioned problems, a new architecture is developed called Recessed JL DG MOSFET. In Recessed JL DG MOSFET silicon region is recessed under the gate region and some gate portion is extended towards source and drain region. Recessed JL DG MOSFET shows the same ON current as achieved in Conv. JL DG MOSFET with very low OFF current (leakage current) by considering high doping concentration. Surface potential, electron density, energy band distribution, drain current have been investigated to proof the enhancement mode operation of Recessed JL DG MOSFET. Figure of Merits (FOMs) for RF performance such as Trans-conductance, capacitance and intrinsic power gain (S21), Trans-conductance frequency product (TFP), Gain frequency product (GFP) and Gain trans-conductance frequency product (GTFP) have also investigated of Recessed JL DG MOSFET.

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Author would like to thank Advanced Nanoelectronic Device & Circuit Research Group, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and Semiconductor Device Research Laboratory, Department of Electronic Science, University of Delhi to use their resources and support.

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  • Double gate (DG)
  • GFP
  • GTFP
  • Junctionless
  • Radio frequency (RF)
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