Study on Factors of Vanadium Extraction from Low-Grade Vanadium Slag with High Silicon Content by Roasting


In this paper, the roasting and vanadium extraction processes were studied, and the relevant theory was analyzed. Experimental results indicated that the ratio of additives, the roasting time, and the oxidizing atmosphere all had a significant influence on the extraction rate of vanadium from vanadium slag with a high silicon content. The extraction rate of vanadium reached as high as 84.45% under the optimized experimental conditions: a roasting temperature of 1123 K, a roasting time of 4 h, 13% (mass fraction) of the additive Na2CO3 in the raw material, and an atmosphere volume fraction in excess of 25%(excess oxygen of 5.25%). The results of this study can provide a guide for industrial production, and have a certain application value.

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