Table 5 Results of logistic regression analysis

From: Four early warning scores predict mortality in emergency surgical patients at University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka: a prospective observational studyQuatre scores d’évaluation d’alerte précoce pour prédire la mortalité des patients chirurgicaux d’urgence au Centre hospitalier universitaire de Lusaka : une étude observationnelle prospective

 Odds ratioConfidence interval odds ratioP value
HIV positive0.8480.258 to 2.7870.79
Age (decades)*1.4311.107 to 1.8490.006
Male sex1.0740.355 to 3.2520.90
Admitted at weekend0.8950.337 to 3.4680.90
  1. *Odds ratios for age refer to each decade of life