Table 3 Receiver operating curve characteristics

From: Four early warning scores predict mortality in emergency surgical patients at University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka: a prospective observational studyQuatre scores d’évaluation d’alerte précoce pour prédire la mortalité des patients chirurgicaux d’urgence au Centre hospitalier universitaire de Lusaka : une étude observationnelle prospective

 AUROC95% confidence intervalsP value
Lower boundUpper bound
NEWS day 10.8050.688 to 0.921< 0.001
NEWS day 20.7070.530 to 0.8840.01
MEWS day 10.7550.637 to 0.872< 0.001
MEWS day 20.6680.497 to 0.8390.04
HOTEL0.7590.631 to 0.887< 0.001
TOTAL0.7820.655 to 0.909< 0.001
mNEWS0.8060.693 to 0.920< 0.001
  1. AUROC = area under the receiver operating curve; HOTEL = hypotension, oxygen saturation, low temperature, electrocardiogram abnormalities, loss of independence score; MEWS = Modified Early Warning Score; mNEWS = modified NEWS score that includes only respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature, consciousness level, and whether the patient is receiving oxygen; NEWS = National Early Warning Score; TOTAL = tachypnea, oxygen saturation, temperature, and loss of independence score