Development of Groundwater Level Fluctuation Response System Subjected to Rainfall for Slope Stability Forecasting


The rise of groundwater level in slope due to intense rainfall is one of the factors that can trigger slope failure. The groundwater level rise causes increase in the pore water pressure thus reducing the shear resistance of the soil. The purpose of this study is to present a groundwater level evaluation system in response to daily rainfall for slope stability forecasting. The system consists of three important components namely the conceptual multi tank model, unsaturated-saturated seepage flow analysis and stability analysis. The conceptual multi tank model was initially used to determine the fluctuations of groundwater level followed by the unsaturated-saturated seepage flow analysis to determine the pore water pressure distribution in the slope. Finally, the variation in factor of safety for the slope was determined by stability analysis corresponding to the seepage flow results. The performance of the evaluation system was demonstrated using a case study in Putrajaya, Malaysia. From this study, an early warning system can be developed for slope stability which is essential for disaster prevention during rainfall.

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