A 3D solution for angle-ply cylindrical shell panel supported arbitrarily on its boundaries using extended Kantorovich method


Structural components such as shell with arbitrarily supported boundary condition and angle-ply material configuration require an efficient theory to accurately predict its three-dimensional (3D) deformations and stresses. Here, a generalized 3D solution using the multiterm extended Kantorovich method (EKM) is presented for a cylindrical shell panel. In this work, the governing equation of the problem is obtained using the mixed type Reissner’s principle from shell equilibrium and constitutive relations in the cylindrical coordinate system. Further, two sets of simultaneous ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are obtained iteratively by applying the EKM. This reduction in partial differential equations to ODEs has highly increased the accuracy and convergence of the process. This solution has provided very accurate results with just two terms in the series (multiterm) expansion, and results are obtained after just one or two iteration steps for angle-ply laminates. Transverse stresses including boundary effects have been accurately predicted by presently developed solution in and around the vicinity of the clamped edge where a 3D finite element (FE) fails otherwise.

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  • 3D analytical solution
  • Angle-ply shells
  • Arbitrary boundary conditions
  • Boundary effects
  • Multiterm extended Kantorovich method