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Table 1 Major agro-ecological zones for maize in Ethiopia (MOA 2005)

From: Factors that transformed maize productivity in Ethiopia

Agro-ecological zone Elevation (m) Rainfall (mm) Estimated area (%) Administrative regions
Moist and semi-moist mid-altitudes 1700–2000 1000–1200 30 Parts of SNNPR, SW and W Oromia;W and NW Amhara; Ben Shangul-Gumuz (BSG)
Moist upper mid-altitudes 2000–2400 >1200 25 Central highlands; highlands of SNNPR, Amhara and Oromia
Dry mid-altitudes 1000–1600 650–900 20 Parts of SNNPR, SW and W Oromia; W and NW Amhara; parts of BSG
Moist lower mid-altitudes 900–1500 900–1200 15 Pockets of Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR and BSG
Moist lowlands <900 900–1200 5 Gambella and parts of BSG
Dry lowlands <1000 <700 5 Afar and parts of Oromia and lowlands of Somali
  1. Total maize area was 1.52 million ha