Frequency dependent selection of control sensors in multi-channel acoustic control


This paper addresses the problem of reproducing a random pressure field with an array of loudspeakers through direct field acoustic tests. Such field should be representative of the fairing interior acoustic levels generated by the dynamic loading during the launch of a spacecraft. The replication of the acoustic field with loudspeakers is highly dependent on the control strategy used to design the test setup and the signals feeding the acoustic sources. In this paper, functional analysis and spectral decomposition theories are used to study the benefit of applying pre-test analysis to set the most optimal control parameters. This paper builds on previous works and assesses the performance of a methodology for frequency dependent distribution of control sensors, which are selected automatically through numerical pre-test analysis. The methodology is evaluated through a numerical model of a direct field acoustic test setup.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the European Commission for its support of the Marie Skodowska-Curie program through the ITN ANTARES project (GA 606817) in collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software and KU Leuven. A special thank you also to Thales Alenia Space (France) for kindly providing the structural model of the antenna reflector.


The research was partially funded by the Marie Skodowska-Curie program through the ITN ANTARES project (GA 606817).

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Correspondence to Mariano Alvarez Blanco.

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  • Environmental testing
  • Acoustic simulation
  • Direct field
  • MIMO control
  • Digital twin