Design of Preview Controller for Linear Continuous-time Systems with Input Delay

  • Yonglong Liao
  • Fucheng Liao
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This paper makes it possible to design a preview controller for linear continuous-time systems with input delay, which expands the preview control theory. An augmented error system is established. And a variable substitution is used to transform the delay preview control system into a delay-free one whose preview controller uses the future value of the augmented state vector. The future value of the augmented state vector is estimated by the information of the current state vector, the control input on the past time window, and the reference signal on the future time window. Under the assumption of zero initial conditions, a simplified controller with both delay compensation and preview compensation is obtained for the original system. In addition, a preview controller with full-order observer is offered. Finally, simulation results are presented to illustrate the effectiveness and robustness of the controller.


Continuous-time system full-order observer input delay preview control 


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