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, Volume 24, Issue 2, pp 401–414 | Cite as

Post Deformation at Room and Cryogenic Temperature Cooling Media on Severely Deformed 1050-Aluminum

  • M. Sarkari Khorrami
  • M. Kazeminezhad


The annealed 1050-aluminum sheets were initially subjected to the severe plastic deformation through two passes of constrained groove pressing (CGP) process. The obtained specimens were post-deformed by friction stir processing at room and cryogenic temperature cooling media. The microstructure evolutions during mentioned processes in terms of grain structure, misorientation distribution, and grain orientation spread (GOS) were characterized using electron backscattered diffraction. The annealed sample contained a large number of “recrystallized” grains and relatively large fraction (78%) of high-angle grain boundaries (HAGBs). When CGP process was applied on the annealed specimen, the elongated grains with interior substructure were developed, which was responsible for the formation of 80% low-angle grain boundaries. The GOS map of the severely deformed specimen manifested the formation of 43% “distorted” and 51% “substructured” grains. The post deformation of severely deformed aluminum at room temperature led to the increase in the fraction of HAGBs from 20 to 60%. Also, it gave rise to the formation of “recrystallized” grains with the average size of 13 μm, which were coarser than the grains predicted by Zener–Hollomon parameter. This was attributed to the occurrence of appreciable grain growth during post deformation. In the case of post deformation at cryogenic temperature cooling medium, the grain size was decreased, which was in well agreement with the predicted grain size. The cumulative distribution of misorientation was the same for both processing routes. Mechanical properties characterizations in terms of nano-indentation and tensile tests revealed that the post deformation process led to the reduction in hardness, yield stress, and ultimate tensile strength of the severely deformed aluminum.


Post deformation Severe plastic deformation Cooling media Electron backscattered diffraction Microstructure Mechanical properties 



The authors wish to thank the research board of Sharif University of Technology for the provision of the research facilities used for this work. Also, the authors would like to appreciate Dr. Yukio Miyashita, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Nobuo Saito, Department of Materials Science and Technology, Nagaoka University of Technology for the assistance to get EBSD results.


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  1. 1.Department of Materials Science and EngineeringSharif University of TechnologyTehranIran

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