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New data and 3D reconstruction of four species of Pruvotinidae (Mollusca: Solenogastres) from the NW Iberian peninsula

  • Lucía PedrouzoEmail author
  • Óscar García-Álvarez
  • Victoriano Urgorri
  • Marcos Pérez-Señarís
Original Paper


The family Pruvotinidae (Mollusca, Solenogastres, Cavibelonia) includes 34 species, six of which are present in hard bottoms off Galicia (NW Iberian Peninsula). In this study, three-dimensional (3D) anatomical reconstruction techniques were applied for the study of four species of the family present in Galician waters: Pruvotina artabra, Gephyroherpia impar, Luitfriedia minuta and Unciherpia hirsuta. Histology and 3D rendering in this study were carried out with Avizo 6.3 software and micro-computed tomography (micro-CT). New morphological and anatomical data are provided. The 3D reconstruction techniques used, which are based on histological sections, offer a slightly distorted view of the anatomy, but allow a better understanding of the relative situation of the organs. Micro-CT provides less information than histological reconstruction, but offers an excellent 3D anatomical view and allows the specimens to be preserved intact. With the new specimens collected, new data on their distribution and bathymetry are provided.


Solenogastres Pruvotinidae Galicia 3D reconstruction Micro-CT 



This work was supported by a scholarship through the predoctoral support program as part of the Galician Plan for Research, Innovation and Growth (Plan I2C) promoted by the Xunta de Galicia (regional government) and by the Campus of International Excellence (CEI)/Campus do Mar. This paper is part of the following research projects carried out by the Estación de Bioloxía Mariña da Graña (USC): PGIDT01PXI20008PR, PGIDIT05 - PXIC20001P, PGIDIT07PXB000120PR, A SELVA-08 and ForSaGal-09 supported by the Dirección Xeral de I + D + i, Xunta de Galicia; VEM2003-20070-C04-04, CGL 2004-22429-E and CTM2004-00740 supported by the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) of the government of Spain.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Departamento de Zooloxía e Antropoloxía FísicaUniversidade de Santiago de CompostelaSantiago de CompostelaSpain
  2. 2.Estación de Bioloxía Mariña da GrañaUniversidade de Santiago de CompostelaFerrolSpain

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