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Assessment of Groundwater Quality and its Suitability for Agricultural Uses in the Nador Plain, North of Algeria

  • Abdelkader BouderbalaEmail author


In Algeria, groundwater is an important source of irrigation. In order to evaluate the quality of groundwater in study area, 24 groundwater samples were collected and analyzed. Physical and chemical major parameters of groundwater such as electrical conductivity (EC), pH, total dissolved solids, Na, K, Ca, Mg, Cl, \(\hbox {HCO}_{3}\), \(\hbox {SO}_{4}\), and \(\hbox {NO}_{3}\) were determined. The important constituents that influence the water quality for irrigation such as sodium percentage, sodium adsorption ratio, soluble sodium percentage, and residual sodium bi-carbonate, and permeability index, Magnesium adsorption ratio, and Kelly’s ratio were calculated. Assessment of water samples from various methods indicated that groundwater in south sector is chemically suitable for agricultural uses, but the groundwater in the coastal sector is unsuitable for irrigation. The highest values of groundwater samples (EC, Cl, and Na) were consistently recorded in the coastal area. This shows that the mineralization of the groundwater is dominated by these two ions (sodium chloride facies). We know that the main source of these ions is likely the sea. The overexploitation of this aquifer without any awareness by farmers for irrigation crops was caused salinization of the portion of the aquifer closest to the coast and made the water unsuitable for the desired uses of either drinking water supply or crop irrigation. It will badly affect crop yield and reduces land fertility.


Irrigation Nador plain Salinity Sodium adsorption ration Water chemistry 


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