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Comments on the paper: Srivastava, P.K., Mukherjee, S., Gupta, M., Singh, S.K. (2011) Characterizing Monsoonal Variation on Water Quality Index of River Mahi in India Using Geographical Information System. Water Qual Expo Health 2:193–203

  • Ilker T. TelciEmail author


The recent paper published by Srivastava et al. (Water Qual Expo Health 2:193–203, 2011) seems to have numerical errors in the calculation of the water quality index, and the extent of the available data used to characterize the water quality in Mahi river in India may not be sufficient to support conclusions given in the paper. It is suggested that the study in this paper can be significantly improved by careful correction of the numerical errors and including new observations to the available data set in order to be able to perform a statistically sound water quality analysis.


Water quality index Cluster analysis 


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