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Celia E. Rothenberg: Serious Fun at a Jewish Community Summer Camp: Family, Judaism, and Israel

Lexington Books, 2016, 132 pp, $75.00
  • Amy L. Sales

In Serious Fun at a Jewish Community Summer Camp, Celia Rothenberg delves into life at Camp Ben Frankel (CBF) today and in years past. Rothenberg has longtime ties to the camp and comes to her topic with great enthusiasm. She offers meticulous research and careful depiction of the camp’s setting and layout as well as its population and program. At the same time, she appropriately holds her emotions in check until the Afterword, where she nostalgically expresses full feelings of love and appreciation for the camp.

CBF fits neatly into the ecosystem of Jewish nonprofit residential camps. The camp is not distinguished by its character or program, which look quite similar to those of other small camps that have maintained a rugged, outdoorsy, do-it-yourself quality along with commensurately affordable tuition. Rather CBF’s importance on the camp landscape derives from the population it serves. Located in Southern Illinois, CBF attracts many of its campers from small Midwestern Jewish...

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