Experimental study of ternary Pd-Zn-Se phase equilibria and Pd/ZnSe bulk diffusion


The ternary system Pd-Zn-Se was investigated at 340°C. A complete isothermal phase diagram is given, containing the formerly known ternary phase Pd5ZnSe (τ1) as well as a newly discovered ternary phase τ2 of approximate composition Pd62Zn32Se6. The reaction diffusion between Pd and ZnSe was investigated at 340°C with bulk diffusion couples Pd/ZnSe, annealed from 6 to 192 h, and the diffusion path is described. For the investigation x-ray powder diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and energy dispersive x-ray analysis was used. Implications for the application of Pd as metallic contact to semiconducting ZnSe are outlined.

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  • Phase Equilibrium
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