The Relevance of the Green Phyllites of Lugo (Spain) in the Architectonical Heritage: an Exceptional Roofing Slate Resource


In the NW of the Iberian Peninsula, in the region of Lugo, a very exclusive Cambrian phyllite has been quarried and used for construction since prehistoric times, the Filita Verde or green phyllite. There are three varieties of this stone, all of them with the characteristic glitter of phyllites given by the metamorphic recrystallization of the phyllosilicates. Most of the architectural heritage of the area was built with this stone, which is currently being exported abroad. Its exceptional aesthetic and constructional characteristics have been historically used to build fortified settlements (Castros) by ancient pre-Roman cultures and also to construct churches and other ecclesiastic buildings during the middle age. Nowadays it is highly appreciated by architects. Because of these facts, this stone is a good candidate for the designation as a Global Stone Heritage Resource.

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  • Roofing slate
  • Phyllite
  • Global Stone Heritage Resource
  • Low-grade metamorphism
  • Prehistoric settlement