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Figure 6

From: Myocardial perfusion imaging in women for the evaluation of stable ischemic heart disease—state-of-the-evidence and clinical recommendations

Figure 6

Reproduced with permission.111

Freedom from cardiovascular death or heart failure admission according to PET MPI coronary flow reserve (CFR) and invasive luminal angiographic score (CAD prognostic index, CADPI). A Patients with very low CFR (<1.6), independently of angiographic disease score, experienced higher rates of events. B In adjusted analysis, patients with very low CFR experienced rates of events similar to those of patients with very high CADPI (>37). PCI percutaneous coronary intervention. CFR denotes coronary flow reserve: high (≥1.6), low (<1.6). CADPI denotes coronary artery disease prognostic index: low (<3.7), high (≥37, reflects >70% stenosis in >1 epicardial artery).Adjusted for pretest clinical score, left ventricular ischemia, and early revascularization with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) or coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). Early revascularization denotes that within 90 days of noninvasive imaging.

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