11% complications rate after Latarjet procedure at up to 14 years follow-up



Evaluate complications in correlation with radiological findings after an open Latarjet procedure performed on 140 shoulders with recurrent anterior instability with follow-up from 8 to 174 months.


Retrospectively, 140 shoulders, diagnosed with recurrent anterior glenohumeral instability, which were surgically treated with the open Latarjet procedure in our hospital, between January 2004 and November 2017, had been analysed. Mean age of operated patients was 29.5 years. One hundred and twenty-three patients were male (88.5%) and 16 were female (11.5%). Average length of follow-up was 110 months. Radiographs and CT scans of 16 patients with complications had been evaluated and correlations between radiological findings and observed complications had been analysed.


Complications occurred in 16 shoulders (11%). Rates of individual complications were: 1. persistent pain (9%), 2. limited ROM (7%), 3. recurrent instability (6%), 4. neurologic injury (2%), 5. persistent apprehension (2%), 6. reduced strength (2%), 7. hematoma (1%) and 8. intraoperative coracoid graft fracture (0.8%). Mean postoperative ASES score and ROWE score were statistically significantly lower in the group with complications, compared to the group without complications. Good or excellent results were reported by 87.9% patients.


Open Latarjet procedure is an effective and safe method for the treatment of recurrent shoulder instability, resulting in good to excellent outcomes in 87.9% of our cases. However, it is related to a higher postoperative complication rate compared to some other treatment options. Overall, very good results with high level of patient satisfaction have been demonstrated.

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