Sickle Cell Trait Presenting as Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis with Pseudocyst- A Case Report


Sickle cell disease is known to cause acute pancreatitis either due to gall stones obstructing the pancreatic duct or by vaso-occlusive mechanism. However chronic pancreatitis is a very rare complication in sickle cell anemia. We report a case of sickle cell trait presenting with chronic pancreatitis with pseudo cyst. USG abdomen and CT abdomen confirmed the diagnosis of chronic calcific pancreatitis with pseudocyst. Etiological work up for other causes did not reveal anything except sickle cell trait. This case represents a rare association between chronic calcific pancreatitis and sickle cell trait.

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AKG and SJ conceived and designed the study; SS processed the sample and collected the data and drafted the manuscript; RN, SP and EM supervised the laboratory work, and provided critical inputs. AKG and SS analyzed the data and provided critical review for revision of manuscript; All authors approved the final manuscript

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Correspondence to Seema Shah.

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