Incidental Discovery of Anti-IH in a Patient Planned for Caesarean Section and it’s Repercussions

  • Lin-Nan Shao
  • Wen-Qian Song
  • Ni Wang
  • Wei-Jian Yu
  • Shi-Hang Zhou
A 27-year-old pregnant woman, 37 weeks pregnant, tested positive during antibody screening at Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital. She had one child born by caesarian operation and no history of transfusions. She was referred to our blood center to reserve blood for caesarean operation. The blood groups of her and her husband are listed in Table  1. At room temperature (RT), forward grouping was A 1B group with D positive. Reverse grouping results were negative for A cells, weak agglutination (w +) for B cells and 2 + agglutination for O cells. Autocontrol and direct antiglobulin (IgG + C3d) test were both negative. Antibody screening results of the commercially available panel (Sanquin, Makropanal 16, Lot: 8000236600) are showed in Table  1. Further investigation revealed that by immediate spin, the antibody was strongly reactive against A 2RBCs but not against O and B cord RBCs, suggesting that it is anti-IH. In order to identify whether the plasma contains other specific...


Anti-IH Compound antibody Pan-agglutination Pregnant woman 


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