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Table 3 Tristimulus L*, a*, and b* values for color measured using a HunterLab MiniScan XE Plus Diffuse LAV M072096 colorimeter

From: Important Sensory Properties Differentiating Premium Rice Varieties

Variety Raw Cooked
L* a* b* L* a* b*
Zhongzheyou 79.6a −0.58a 11.1a 77.1a −1.8a 6.0a
Guodao 6 75.8b −0.50a 11.3a 76.7a −1.9b 5.6a
Koshihikari 77.1a −0.83a 12.8a 75.9a −2.1a 5.1a
Koshiibuki 74.7b −0.98b 12.9a 75.6a −2.1a 5.0a
IR 64 78.1a −0.62a 12.3a 77.3a −1.8a 5.2a
IRRI 1132 79.1b 0.20b 13.8b 79.3b −1.7a 7.0b
KDML105 77.3a −0.95a 11.6a 79.0a −2.0a 5.0a
PTT1 71.9b 0.03b 13.4b 78.0b −1.9b 5.2a
Pelde 75.8a −0.57a 13.5a 77.7a −2.0a 5.8a
Langi 77.1b −0.77b 12.5b 77.9a −2.1a 6.0a
IRGA 417 (2008) 76.0a −1.02a 10.0a 76.8a −1.8a 2.4a
Jaçanã 75.4b −0.49b 11.5b 76.7a −1.9b 3.2b
IRGA 417 (2009) 73.3a −0.48a 11.7a 76.4a −1.7a 3.3a
Primavera 73.2a −0.95b 12.5b 78.9b −1.8b 4.8b
Super Basmati 77.1a −0.33a 12.9a 78.1a −1.8a 3.9a
Basmati 385 76.8b 0.96b 15.3b 76.2b −1.8b 2.7b
Sambha Mahsuri 76.3a 0.21a 15.3a 78.6a −1.7a 4.8a
Swarna 78.6b −0.40b 13.6b 76.9b −1.7a 3.4b
Hashemi 77.7a 0.12a 15.3a 79.1a −1.8a 5.4a
Khazar 78.1b 0.12a 15.0b 79.1a −1.8a 5.0b
  1. L* is the measure of brightness from black (0) to white (100); a* describes red–green color with positive a* values redness and negative a* values greenness; b* describes yellow–blue color with positive b* values yellowness and negative b* values blueness. Values with different letters are significantly (P < 0.05) different between premium and second best varieties