Untersuchung von molekularen Mechanismen der Virusreplikation in Echtzeit


Viral replication is a crucial step in the virus life cycle and for the determination of its pathogenicity and can be investigated in a microplate assay by monitoring viral gene expression. As an illustrative example, the Sindbis virus (SINV, Alphavirus genus) with an engineered genome containing the coding sequence for mCherry fluorescent protein was used. Expression of mCherry can be used as a proxy for viral gene expression and can be measured at regular intervals throughout the infection to simulate viral replication.

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Mangold, M. Untersuchung von molekularen Mechanismen der Virusreplikation in Echtzeit. Biospektrum 27, 64–65 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12268-021-1534-4

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