Application of Platelet Rich Plasma in Experimental Colonic Anastomosis for Improved Strength


Colon anastomosis is frequently performed in surgery. Tissue growth factors, adequate perfusion, and surgical technique are the factors affecting anastomotic healing. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is important in tissue healing because it includes various growth factors. The aim of this study is to determine the effects of platelet rich plasma on anastomotic healing both in normal colonic anastomosis or in the presence of peritonitis. Fifty-six rats were randomized into the following 5 groups: X, PRP preparation group; A, normal colonic anastomosis group; B, PRP-treated colonic anastomosis group; C, colonic anastomosis in the group with peritonitis; and D, PRP-treated colonic anastomosis in the group with peritonitis. In the surgical procedure, platelet rich plasma anastomosis was performed in groups C and D. Rats were sacrificed in postoperative day 5. Anastomosis bursting pressure, tissue hydroxyproline levels, and histopathologic healing in anastomotic lines were evaluated. No anastomotic leak was observed. No statistically significant differences were observed in anastomotic burst pressure or tissue hydroxyproline levels between groups. In histopathologic evaluation, collagen amount, epithelialization, fibroblastic activity, and neovascularization statistically significant differences were observed in PRP-treated groups. In this study, we have shown that platelet-rich plasma treatment increases anastomotic healing and it can safely be used in colonic anastomosis.

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