Test Procedure and Logic Development for V2X Based Safety Support Services for Urban Area in Korea


This paper is about test procedure development of a 4 year project regarding V2X based cooperative safety systems. The project was the first major cooperative safety research project which was led by automotive industry side in Korea. The paper includes a brief introduction of the overall project, basic warning logics, detail test procedures, and some part of test results. The scope of the project include UTIS(Urban Traffic Information Systems) and WAVE dual communication RSE, dual communication OBD, 6 urban area cooperative safety services and test procedures. 10 organizations participated to develop RSE, OBD, Antenna, cooperative services and testbed. KATECH developed the testbed and test procedures. The devices and services are well developed, and the participating companies are now directly working with OEMs for commercialization. All the test procedures are now in KATECH standard test procedure document. For EEBL service, the developed system functions and test procedures are proposed as a ISO standard. The EEBL is published as ISO 20901 EEBL (Emergency Electric Brake Light) systems in May 2020. The author Si-bok Yu is the work item leader for this ISO standard.

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a d max :

denotes the maximum deceleration of the vehicle


connected vehicle


differential global positioning system real time kinematics


emergency electric brake light


forward vehicle


forward vehicle collision mitigation systems


host vehicle


in-vehicle network


on-board device

LT center:

local traffic center


time to collision

t warn :

warning time


urban traffic information systems

V FV :

speed of the forward vehicle

V HV :

speed of the host vehicle

V rel :

relative speed between HV and FV


vehicle safety communications 3


road side equipment

t D_Communication :

communication delay time

t r :

driver reaction time


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The research presented in this paper is partly supported by “Development of the Smart convergence SW platform based on open software for new convergence services in mobile seconds branch” projected supported by MSIP(Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning).

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