Chorological, nomenclatural and taxonomic notes on Carex (Cyperaceae) from Bolivia and northern Argentina


Here, we present relevant records of three species that are new at national level (Carex jamesonii Boott and C. pseudomacloviana G.A.Wheeler for Bolivia, and C. ruthsatziae G.A.Wheeler for Argentina), six new regional records for Bolivia (C. acutata Boott, C. bonariensis Desf. ex Poir., C. crassiflora Kük., C. feddeana H.Pfeiff., C. fuscula d’Urv., and C. pachamamae Jim.Mejías & Reznicek), and additional records of rare plants (C. pachamamae and C. ruthsatziae). We describe C. giovanniana Jim.Mejías as a new species previously misidentified as C. subdivulsa (Kük.) G.A.Wheeler. In addition, we perform the typification for four names (C. acutata, C. crassiflora, C. jamesonii, and C. tessellata Spruce ex C.B.Clarke). Comments on the taxonomy of C. ruthsatziae are provided. We synonymise C. obtusisquama (Gross) G.A.Wheeler & S.Beck to C. crassiflora, and C. tessellata to C. acutata.

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We would like to thank the government of the province of Salta and Tucumán for permission to collect field samples; the curators and staff of F, K, LPB, MCNS, MICH, MO, NHA, NY, SI, UC, UPOS and US for assistance when studying their collections and/or for providing material on loan and/or high-resolution images of specimens of interest; A. A. Reznicek for his kind invitation to visit the MICH collection; Consolación Barciela for technical support in the preparation of the images used in this paper; Elizabeth Salzman and Liz Brogan for preparation of specimen images from K for study; Carla Maldonado from LPB for kindly providing detailed images and comments on a specimen determined as C. subandrogyna from Bolivia; and J. Santillán, J. Gauffin and G. E. Rodríguez-Palacios for critical help during fieldwork campaigns. This research has been supported by postdoctoral fellowships for P.J.-M. (NSF-DEB Award #1256033, and the Smithsonian postdoctoral program) and as part of projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (CGL2016-77401-P) and the Regional Goverment of Madrid, Spain (Macondo, SI1/PJI/2019-00333).

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