Ceropegia graminea (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae), a new species from eastern Thailand


Ceropegia graminea K.Suwann. & Kidyoo was recently discovered from eastern Thailand. It is here described and illustrated. Photographs and a comparison of the diagnostic features of the new taxon with those of the morphologically similar species, C. suddeei Kidyoo and C. thailandica Meve, are provided. These three species are characterised by a 1-flowered cyme and a corolla tube tipped with twisted, linear corolla lobes that are covered with glandular hairs. However, C. graminea is clearly distinguished from its close relatives in having a decumbent, glabrous stem and branches with needle-like leaves.

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We are very grateful to Associate Professor Dr Obchant Thaithong for her valuable comments on this manuscript. We thank the curators and staff of BK, BKF, BM, K, L, P and QBG for their kind permission to study herbarium specimens. This research is supported by the Rachadaphisek Somphot Endowment Fund 2015 of Chulalongkorn University (CU-58-066-CC).

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  • decumbent herb
  • grass-like
  • Korat Plateau
  • open sandy area
  • sandstone hills