Marsdenia salaschiblii (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae), a new species for the southeast of Oaxaca, Mexico


Marsdenia R.Br. (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae, Marsdeniae) is a species-diverse genus of Apocynaceae from Mexico. Here, a new species, Marsdenia salaschiblii, from the state of Oaxaca in southeastern Mexico, is described and illustrated. The morphological features of this new taxon are different from those of known species of Marsdenia in Mexico. It is morphologically similar to M. propinqua Hemsl. and M. veronicae W.D.Stevens, but can be distinguished by a long pedunculated inflorescence, which is an umbellate thyrsoid with (2) 3 – 4 rachides, and gynostegial corona lobes at the level of the anthers or slightly above them. We provide images to distinguish the new species and to aid in its identification, as well as a key to diagnose the species in Oaxaca. In addition, we suggest the conservation status of the new taxon based on the IUCN criteria and we provide a distribution map for the new Marsdenia.

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This study was supported by PAPIIT-UNAM (IA209117). We thank Lucio Lozada-Pérez, Sofia Islas-Hernández and Javier A. Juárez Díaz for suggestions that greatly improved the manuscript; Marcelo Rojas Oropeza, María G. Chávez and Emiliano Navarrete for their help on field work; Ericka B. Cortez for the beautiful illustration; and Eugenia Muñiz Díaz de León for her technical support in the Taller de Plantas I–II. We thank the personnel of the herbaria visited for their assistance, especially Maria del Rosario García Peña for her support in the processing of the type specimen. Thanks to María G. Chávez and Silvia Salas for the photos of the new species. Finally, we would like to thank two anonymous reviewers who contributed comments and suggestions that substantially improved this paper.

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