Investigation of the In-Plane Shear and Interlaminar Shear in Woven Roving Composites


In this paper a computational and experimental study to determine the in plane and interlaminar shearing stress-strain response of a composite material is performed. It is known that the above mentioned shear properties can be directly determined from shear and torsion experiments but also can indirectly be determined from bending and tension experiments respectively. The test methods used are the tension of ±45 off-axis woven fabric carbon fibers and epoxy resin matrix and the short beam bending test of the same material. Then calculations with finite elements and some analytical calculations were held for the in-plane and interlaminar shear. Comparison among the results was made. Thus, a main goal which was the combination of three major research methods was attained.

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Manufacturing and Testing of specimens were performed in collaboration with Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. and Composites Testing Laboratory, Ireland in the frame of a European Space Agency funded project (Space-RTM).

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  • Woven roving composites
  • Interlaminar shear
  • Composite material
  • Experimental study
  • Finite element analysis