Diederich–Fornæss and Steinness Indices for Abstract CR Manifolds


We propose the concept of Diederich–Fornæss and Steinness indices on compact pseudoconvex CR manifolds of hypersurface type in terms of the D’Angelo 1-form. When the CR manifold bounds a domain in a complex manifold, under certain additional non-degeneracy conditions, those indices are shown to coincide with the original Diederich–Fornæss and Steinness indices of the domain, and CR invariance of the original indices follows.

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The authors would like to thank Kengo Hirachi for suggesting Remark 2.3 and the referees for their careful reading and suggestions to improve the presentation of this article.

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  • Pseudoconvexity
  • Plurisubharmonic function
  • Diederich–Fornaess index
  • Steinness index
  • D’Angelo 1-form

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 32T27
  • 32U10
  • 32V15