Volume Functional of Compact 4-Manifolds with a Prescribed Boundary Metric


We prove that a critical metric of the volume functional on a 4-dimensional compact manifold with boundary satisfying a second-order vanishing condition on the Weyl tensor must be isometric to a geodesic ball in a simply connected space form \(\mathbb {R}^{4}\), \(\mathbb {H}^{4}\) or \(\mathbb {S}^{4}.\) Moreover, we provide an integral curvature estimate involving the Yamabe constant for critical metrics of the volume functional, which allows us to get a rigidity result for such critical metrics.

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The authors want to thank the referee for careful reading, relevant remarks and valuable suggestions. Moreover, they want to thank A. Barros, E. Barbosa and R. Batista for fruitful conversations about this subject.

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  • Volume functional
  • Critical metrics
  • Compact manifolds
  • Boundary

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