Parabolicity, Brownian Exit Time and Properness of Solitons of the Direct and Inverse Mean Curvature Flow


We study some potential theoretic properties of homothetic solitons \(\Sigma ^n\) of the MCF and the IMCF. Using the analysis of the extrinsic distance function defined on these submanifolds in \(\mathbb {R}^{n+m}\), we observe similarities and differences in the geometry of solitons in both flows. In particular, we show that parabolic MCF-solitons \(\Sigma ^n\) with \(n>2\) are self-shrinkers and that parabolic IMCF-solitons of any dimension are self-expanders. We have studied too the geometric behavior of parabolic MCF and IMCF-solitons confined in a ball, the behavior of the mean exit time function for the Brownian motion defined on \(\Sigma \) as well as a classification of properly immersed MCF-self-shrinkers with bounded second fundamental form, following the lines of Cao and Li (Calc Var 46:879–889, 2013).

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  • Extrinsic distance
  • Parabolicity
  • Soliton
  • Self-shrinker
  • Self-expander
  • Mean exit time function
  • Laplace operator
  • Brownian motion
  • Mean curvature flow
  • Inverse mean curvature flow

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  • 53C44
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  • 58J65
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