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Mean of Microaccelerations Estimate in the Small Spacecraft Internal Environment with the Use of Fuzzy Sets

  • A. V. SedelnikovEmail author
Original Article


Assessment of parameters of rotary motion of the small spacecraft around its center of mass and of microaccelerations using measurements of current from silicon photocells is carried out. At the same time there is a problem of interpretation of ambiguous telemetric data. Current from two opposite sides of the small spacecraft is significant. The mean of removal of such uncertainty is considered. It is based on an fuzzy set. As membership function it is offered to use a normality condition of the direction cosines. The example of uncertainty removal for a prototype of the Aist small spacecraft is given. The offered approach can significantly increase the accuracy of microaccelerations estimate when using measurements of current from silicon photocells.


Small spacecraft Current from silicon photocells Fuzzy set Microaccelerations estimate 



This work is done in accordance with the Agreement No. 14.578.21.0229 of September 26, 2017 between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Samara University (a unique identifier of the project is RFMEFI57817X0229).


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