The twin non-commuting graph of a group


In this paper, the twin non-commuting graph of the group G is introduced by partitioning the non-commuting graph vertices. This classification of the vertices based on special property, precisely being twin vertices property. We choose a vertex from each class as a representing vertex for the twin non-commuting graph. Moreover the adjacency of two vertices in twin non-commuting graph depends on the connectivity of them in the main non-commuting graph. We observe that the twin non-commuting graph of an AC-group is a complete graph. Moreover, some results about the metric dimension of the non-commuting graph is obtained. For instance, the metric dimension of the non-commuting graph is 3 if and only if it is associated with \(S_3,D_8,Q_8\).

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  • Non-commuting graph
  • Twin graph
  • Metric dimension

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