Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Flexural Behavior of Corroded Steel Beams Strengthened by CFRP Plate


To investigate the flexural behavior of corroded steel beams strengthened by carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) plate, flexural test of five steel beams were carried out. The effects of corrosion and prestressing force levels on the flexural capacity, failure modes and interfacial stress were investigated. Meanwhile, considering the corrosion surface the calculation method of flexural capacity of corroded beams strengthened by CFRP plate was also established. The results showed that failure modes of corroded beams were the fracture of the CFRP plate after the shear failure of interface on the mid-span and fracture location of CFRP plate was mostly at the loading point. The rough surface of the corroded steel can enhance the efficiency of stress transfer at the interface, thereby improving the effective bond length of the interface. The shear stress was mainly concentrated on the CFRP plate end, and peak value appeared at the loading point. Compared the reference beam, the ultimate flexural capacity of the corroded beam strengthened by CFRP plate with 15% prestress level increased at a ratio of 21%, and utilization ratio of the CFRP plates was up to 71.59%.

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A cf :

Section area of CFRP Plate


Section area of steel beam

D s :

Corrosion ratio

E :

Elastic modulus

E cf :

Elastic modulus of CFRP plate

E s :

Elastic modulus of steel

f u :

Ultimate strength

f y :

Yield strength

G :

Shear modulus

H :

Section height of steel beam

I :

Inertia moment

I′ t e :

Inertial moment of steel beam to composite section


Inertia moment of steel beam before reinforcement

M y :

Yield moment

P u :

Ultimate load

P y :

Yield load

S a :

Arithmetic average height of surface

S ku :

High degree of kurtosis

S p :

Maximum peak height of surface

S q :

Mean square height of surface

S s :

Cross-sectional area of weak position

S sk :

Skewness of surface height distribution

S 0 :

Cross-sectional area of steel

t e :

Equivalent thickness

t f :

Thickness of CFRP plate

t max :

Maximum residual thickness


Distance from the neutral axis before reinforcement

a Ef :

The ratio of elastic modulus of CFRP plate and steel


The strain of CFRP plate overcoming reverse deformation

ε0 :

Tensile strain after deducting prestress loss

υ :

Poisson’s ratio

ζ :



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The financial support provided by National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 51678477 is highly acknowledged. The authors also would like to express the gratitude to the reviewers for careful comments.

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  • Prestress
  • CFRP plate
  • Corrosion damage
  • Steel beam
  • Flexural behavior