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Successful treatment of cytarabine-related neurotoxicity with corticosteroids, a case series

  • Jennifer L. DotsonEmail author
  • Muhammad Omer Jamil
Case Report


Neurotoxicity from high-dose cytarabine, a pyrimidine metabolite used in treatment for acute myeloid leukemia, is a known but dose-limiting toxicity which has incidences in up to 14% in patients receiving high doses of the drug. Neurologic symptoms vary but range from somnolence and ataxia to more severe complications such as seizures and even death. There are no validated treatments other than discontinuation of the drug and supportive measures. We present two cases of cytarabine-related neurotoxicity treated with corticosteroids with complete resolution of symptoms.


Cytarabine Acute myeloid leukemia Neurotoxicity 


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