Metacarpal fractures in the athlete

  • Maximillian Soong
  • Samantha Chase
  • N. George Kasparyan
Hand and Wrist Sports Medicine (E Tolo and L Dwyer, section editors)
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Purpose of review

To describe current evaluation and treatment of metacarpal fractures in athletes

Recent findings

Biomechanical and clinical studies involving lower-profile, locking, shorter length, and double-row or separate-dual plate configurations, as well as intramedullary screw fixation, have demonstrated the potential benefits of internal fixation with promising results.


Treatment should be customized to the specific athlete and injury, and is often successful without surgery, or with percutaneous pin fixation. Internal fixation of metacarpal fractures has improved with new hardware and new techniques, and may expedite return to play, although further clinical studies are needed.


Athlete Metacarpal fracture 


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