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Russia Versus the West: a View from the Hard Left

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There is a core of critics on the hard left who see the present hostility between America and Russia, indeed between the West and Russia, as a continuation of the Cold War, for which America bears the main responsibility. The argument is laid out in a recent long review by Jonathan Steele in The London Review of Books of a very long book by Odd Arne Westad, “The Cold War: A World History”. I have written about the current state of affairs between Russia and America, particularly as it concerns the investigation of Russia’s involvement in our presidential election, in two articles, “Trumpism on the Left” and “Putin and Fellow Travelers.” My target was Stephen F. Cohen in The Nation magazine, who from his authority as a Russian scholar imperiously dismisses inquiries into Russian involvement as a McCarthy like witch hunt. As I noted in the articles, Cohen is not alone in his view. He has support from his wife Katerina Van Heuvel, publisher of the magazine, as well as from writers such...

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