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Rob Kroes, Prison Area, Independence Valley, American Paradoxes in Popular Life and Popular Culture

Hanover, NH: Dartmouth College Press, 2015, $40.00. 193 pp. ISBN: 978–1611687309
  • Pierre Guerlain
Book Review

This book was published before the tsunami that Donald Trump’s election represented for the US and the world. Rob Kroes is one of the foremost European specialists of US politics and culture and in this book he offers us insights into aspects of American life from entertainment to Obama’s politics and policies. Kroes’s style in his perfect English is pleasant to read and all his articles show that he is well up on the bibliography of his topics.

There is actually very little difference between European and American specialists of the US in terms of bibliography as European scholars are in general as well informed as their US counterparts. The difference might lie in cultural sensitivity but then most European scholars share the liberal or left-liberal views of their American counterparts.

The title is well chosen for the topic of the book: American paradoxes and cultural contradictions: prison as the opposite of independence. There are many Americas: a punitive, repressive one that...

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