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Jorge Carrion: Bookshops: A Reader’s History

Biblioasis, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2017, 296 pp., Including Webography, Filmography, Bibliography, Hardcover, $25.95, ISBN: 978-1-77196-174-5
  • David Emblidge
Book Review

Road trip!

If you are willing to go for a multi-continental, historically discontinuous romp to visit seemingly countless colorful bookstores—even including some fictional ones that do not exist in the physical world—then this is the book for you.

Author Jorge Carrion, born in Catalonia in 1976, teaches contemporary literature and creative writing at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. He is a humanist with a capital ‘H,’ meaning that his imagination roams the inner and outer worlds of literature and history through breathtakingly extensive reading and an incessant desire to visit places where literature “happens.” He carries an “invisible passport” for access to the many “countries” of the mind, unlocked by bookstore inventories. Carrion writes fiction, essays and travel literature. In Bookshops we find him exploring a bit of all three.

Carrion’s fascination with bookstores is lifelong, starting from childhood when his father would take him on business trips that included shopping...

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